Exceptional Opportunities, Inc. Accreditations & Surveys
Social Security Conducts Representative Payee Audit

On April 26-27, Mark Arzate, Social Security Administration auditor from Kansas City, reviewed the beneficiary accounts of those for whom Exceptional Opportunities serves as Representative Payee. During the exit meeting, Mr. Arzate noted that “Exceptional Opportunities takes no fee for the service of being payee, and does an excellent job of it.” No math errors were found and “the accuracy was there, every penny spent is accounted for.” In visiting with the Fort Dodge Social Security office prior to the audit, Mr. Arzate noted that “EOI came out on top; communication is good, reports are always timely, and nothing is ever left outstanding. This is the first review I have done in a year where there have been no errors and zero issues.”  

ICF/ID Annual Surveys
Exceptional Opportunities Receives 3 Year Accreditation Award

On October 30 and 31, 2018, CARF International Surveyors Doris Lucas and
Sally Ogren visited Exceptional Opportunities, Inc. to complete their 
triennial survey. The surveyors accredited Community Integration,  Community
Employment Services: Job Development, and Community Employment 
Services:  Employment Supports.

Exceptional Opportunities was awarded a Three Year Term of Accreditation.
This marks the 11th Three Year Term of Accreditation earned by Exceptional Opportunities. An organization receiving a Three Year Term of Accreditation has voluntarily put itself through a rigorous peer review process and demonstrated to a team of surveyors during an on-site survey that it is committed to conforming to CARF’s accreditation conditions and standards. Furthermore, an organization that earns CARF accreditation is commended on its quest for quality programs and services.