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Volunteer Program at Exceptional Treasures 
Off to Strong Start
Last fall, Exceptional Treasures put out the call for volunteers to assist in the day to day activities at the store. Fast forward to today, and a team of 9 volunteers from all around Kossuth County has been assembled.

The volunteers utilize their time and talents to work at the cash register, receive and sort donations, stock and merchandise shelves and racks, and assist with laundering clothing at the store. The work done by the volunteers helps to free up the Exceptional Treasures store staff to assist persons served in completing their job duties and goals for employment.  

As the program has gotten off the ground, the total volunteer hours have increased from 24.5 hours in the first month to a high of 81 hours in a recent month. Exceptional Opportunities’ goal for volunteers is to continue to recruit volunteers who will commit to a set schedule of hours and days each month that will fit into each volunteer’s schedule. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older, and due to state and federal regulations, must be able to pass background checks. 

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a volunteer at Exceptional Treasures, please call 515-395-3251 for more information, or to fill out an application. Stop by the store and visit with one of the volunteers and learn more about it!

November 2021